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The Floor Store by Steamout has flooring for every room in your home

Are you uncertain about the best flooring for your home? Let's explore just a few of the options offered by The Floor Store by Steamout. Choices to choose from include carpet, hardwood, laminate, and tile and stone.

Basement flooring installation

Several design options are suited for a finished basement. A finished basement adds extra value and room to a home. The space can be used as a family room, exercise room, home office, or guest room.

The purpose of the finished basement somewhat dictates the flooring needed there. Solid hardwood is not suited for below ground locations. Nearly all other flooring is suitable for a basement.

Most basements have concrete floors. Concrete is the most durable material available. Because it is so porous, concrete allows water to seep in through the foundation walls and the slab floor. There are two options to combat the problem. Install a waterproof underlay above the subfloor, or opt for a 'floating' floor off the surface of the concrete.

Resilient, durable laminate maintains its beauty through normal changes in humidity levels, light, and temperature; and in high-traffic areas. Engineered hardwood is also well-suited as flooring in a finished basement.
Its construction, which consists of a stabilized cover with genuine wood over the core, is not as susceptible to shrinkage or expansion as solid hardwood. There are a wide variety of exotic and domestic wood species, surface treatments, and stains available.

Bathroom flooring installation

Wood-look laminate is a fantastic option for a room that does not allow for hardwood flooring. Laminate flooring that looks like oak is among the most popular styles. Oak has an open grain pattern that is accented by dark swirls. It can be stained in a wide range of colors.

Another option for the bathroom, is combining natural granite or limestone tile with stone laminate flooring. The design offers a weathered and subdued elegance. Using soft neutral colors creates a soothing environment, ideal for a bathroom spa.
Flooring installation in San Angelo, TX

Bedroom flooring installation

The classic look for a bedroom that never goes out of style is solid furniture, neutral wall décor, and elegantly coordinated furnishings. Two flooring options never go out of style either. They are maple hardwood in rich hues of russet cinnamon or the luscious plush twists of Saxony carpet.

The Floor Store by Steamout has carpet that offers the broadest combination of style and color. Our clients come to our showroom in San Angelo, TX from Eldorado, Ozona, San Angelo, Sonora, and Sterling City to find flooring for every room in the home.